1. Blue, Downtown Los Angeles

  2. ryanpanos:

    Black Friday-The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall | Seph Lawless | Via

    When they were built in the 1970s these two gleaming Ohio malls were symbols of the boom years in the U.S., and their wide walkways were filled with shoppers. 

    Now the verdant foliage that decorated them has died off and the fountains inside are dry as store after store deserted the out-of-town malls. 

    The demise of the Rolling Acres and and Randall Park Mall have been documented by photographer Seph Lawless, who remembers visiting them when he was a child and even had his first job at one of the them.

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  3. View my latest photo on Flickr: http://flic.kr/u/2bKsej/aHsjXgLCXR

    I’ve gotta bad case of neko
  4. Joshua Tree panorama

  5. A few preliminary images from Joshua Tree, with many more to come.


  6. The Fix Is In

    I’m reacquainting myself with Dr. Thompson’s later work—specifically Hey Rube—and remembering that he was just as prescient, incisive and bloody brilliant when writing about sports as he was in his political material. He saw the road ahead for cultural trends, politics, sports and the post-9/11 world (more on that later). In writing on pro football: 

    There are too many teams and not enough quality players. The League is destroying quarterbacks faster than colleges can churn them out. Every pro team must have two quarterbacks, because one of them is certain to get crippled or mashed by some steroid-crazed monster who weighs 388 pounds and runs faster than Deion Sanders and is desperate to hurt people. He will lose his job if he doesn’t, and his obvious target is the quarterback…

    …The next MVP of the Super Bowl is just as likely to have been a full-time grocery store bagger last year as a Heisman Trophy winner. The teams change names & locations each year. Even winning coaches go crazy with angst or get fired on the whim of a new owner. Players come & go like substitute teachers or half-bright fashion models. Some beat their wives in public, and others get arrested for Murder. But the games go on like clockwork and the money keeps pouring in… Most stadiums are sold out every Sunday. But only rich people can afford to attend the games in person. It’s not much different from getting involved in National Politics.

    He wrote that in 2000 and, fourteen years down the road, it’s only become truer and uglier. I can imagine what he’d have made of CTE.

    The column he wrote on September 12, 2001 was goddam oracular in its prediction of the rise of the National Security State and the condition of Permanent War in which we find ourselves. 

    But enough of that for now. Reading on….


  7. "He was born with a gift of laughter and the sense that the world was mad. And that was all his patrimony."
    — Scaramouche, Rafael Sabatini
  8. An evening walk on Wilshire.

    I know more about string theory than I do about cars. So when Jim started running down the list of reasons the Impala wasn’t 100% “authentic” I had to take his word for most of it. Jim was holding up a lamppost outside of the Hill Bar & Grill, smoking the latest in a long series of cigarettes. He pointed out the rims as one of the inauthentic bits of the car. Then he uttered a series of words and numbers that either related to various qualities possessed by the engine or were the chemical formula for a long-chain polymer. I nodded, hit the shutter release, grunted in an affirmative key. “And the sound system’s totally not the original,” he noted. Which I had intuited, as it seemed unlikely that an early-70s Impala had come equipped with a 4,000-watt, satellite-enabled Blaupunkt audio system and speakers the size of manhole lids. But what do I know, I’m not a car guy.

  9. Sepulveda & Slauson, Culver City

  10. The National () at the Shrine Auditorium with special guest The Eye of Sauron.

  11. Self-haunted space, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles

  12. Helga’s cache

    These are some 19th century Russian rubles that my grandma Helga gave to me during my visit to Jersey last month. I’m still working out exactly where she got them, as well as the provenance of the pocket watch. They were part of a stash of coins that include Brasilian Reis, pre-war German coins, a Cuban penny and (of course) a New York subway token.

  13. Stuff of daydreams, Malibu


  14. "If you care about other people, that’s now a very dangerous idea. If you care about other people, you might try to organize to undermine power and authority. That’s not going to happen if you care only about yourself. Maybe you can become rich, but you don’t care whether other people’s kids can go to school, or can afford food to eat, or things like that. In the United States, that’s called ‘libertarian’ for some wild reason."


  15. Stripping Down for the Cure

    My most recent piece on WeAreJuxt is a study in how drunken frivolity can be put to a good use.

    Cupid’s Undie Run sent a hundred-or-so mildly sloshed Angelenos on a mile(ish) run around the borders of West Hollywood Park in their delicates. All in service of a greater good, of course–the event raised much-needed funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.- Ryan @ryan_vaarsi

    See the rest here.