The consequences of falling

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….DTLA-bound for some photo-fun. Grand Central Market and a walk to Chinatown are on tap.

A matter of happenstance on Flickr.

The entrance to the 7th St./Metro Center MTA station never lacks for…let’s call it flavor. And flavor often lends itself to happy accidents. Or whatever kind of accident this wound up being. I had planted myself near the top of the escalator and was photographing a scene nearby when this gentlemen came into my field of view. Subtlety has never been my strongest move but I tried—lord knows I tried—to be a fly on the wall. No luck. A bright yellow smartphone is a not easily hidden from view. He spotted me but said nothing. I got the sense that he wasn’t pleased. I couldn’t really tell what he was. Impaired in some way? I don’t know but my inclination was to nod politely, offer a vague smile and go about my business.

A museum within a Shrine

A few months ago I found myself in the Shrine Auditorium awaiting the start of a concert (The National, if you must know) and was vaguely fascinated by the section they’d set aside as a sort of museum/Hall of Fame. It matched the facility itself in the sense that it was interesting but badly in need of updating. And am I the only one who finds that mannequin decidedly menacing?

Speak softly love